Kiyohiro {maternity}

The first time I met Nicole she was fifteen and had ice cream sandwiches (if you have a new neighbor, I recommend ice cream sandwiches). She wore cut-off jean shorts and a black tank top. It isn’t often that I remember what people were wearing when I met them, but as it turns out, this girl is something special. Nicole and her parents, Wayne and Jane, were our only visible neighbors in the cottage – parking lot and church building aside. We “shared” a backyard with a small chain link fence separating our property. A few months after meeting, I joined Nicole’s halau hula and awkwardly danced my way to a friendship with our sweet neighbor girl.

Not long after, I had Elianna and ten months later, she had Ty Cameron Haweo Takashi Yakuma. Nicole quickly became my hanai sister and her mother Jane, our children’s hanai grandma.


Fast forward four years and we no longer live in the small cottage with a shared backyard. However, because friends of ours are generous and love Nicole, they surprise flew me out to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Ty’s baby brother and the son of Nicole’s husband, Jake.


I was blessed to stay in their home for an extended weekend – to watch them love on each other and Ty, to see a family just beginning.

IMG_0317 IMG_0325

IMG_0215 IMG_0226 IMG_0231

They’re going to do great – and this boy will be loved.

IMG_0257 - Version 2 IMG_0265 IMG_0267 IMG_0271 IMG_0281 IMG_0297 IMG_0306 IMG_0360 IMG_0376 IMG_0403 IMG_0385 IMG_0415 IMG_0416 IMG_0455 IMG_0502 IMG_0511 IMG_0525

Little one, auntie can’t wait to meet you.


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