Eden’s Birth Story

I had the privilege of serving as both doula and photographer for Ashley and Mike for the birth of their daughter, Eden. My primary role was that of doula, but I still managed to take several pictures of their birth.

Ashley’s labor was textbook. 18 hours long, slowly progressing throughout the day, leading to a quick transition and then pushing stage. She was amazing. You’d think she wrote the book on birth. My favorite part of her labor was when she’d kiss Mike after every contraction, well into hard labor. Eden is blessed to enter into a family with so much love.

Mike is going to school to be a paramedic/firefighter, and he actually caught the baby! It was super cool to watch a dad deliver his own child.

Enjoy Eden’s birth story (of which there are no ‘unencumbered’ shots pictured)!


2 thoughts on “Eden’s Birth Story

  1. You captured this whole sequence so beautifully. Those last few birthing photos were intense! Ashley is one amazing, beautiful mama. Congrats to the new family!

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