Polly’s birth story {VBA2C story}

Kari and I have been known to close a coffee shop talking birth and babies. We leave our husbands with the babes and meet over coffee and tea once every few months or so. Her first delivery was via C-section to twins, Mila and Nolan. Because Salem Hospital wasn’t offering VBAC’s {vaginal birth after cesarean} at the time, Kari and Conrad traveled an hour away to Portland, where Clara was born via emergency C-section after an insane amount of laboring in a hotel and hospital.

Two C-sections didn’t stop Kari from pursuing her passion for natural childbirth, however, and with baby number four came the culmination of six years of research and determination for a successful VBAC. Her midwife, Desiree, attended the hospital birth as her doula while a wonderful OB delivered baby Polly. I feel incredibly honored to have been a part of their special day.

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Conrad caught baby Polly, a squishy 9 lb 5 oz, sometime between 4 and 5 am. Because of the tenderness of the moment, I have not included the actual delivery in these photos.

Welcome, Polly. You had quite a special delivery.

{please excuse quality of photos in the video – still figuring out best software for retaining resolution in a video}