Zachary’s First Birthday {Oahu photographer}

First birthdays are celebrated BIG on the islands. With good reason, as there was a time in Hawaiian history where babies rarely made it to their first birthday. Hawaiian tradition carries on the momentous milestone with a great party for friends and family. Lela and Joel planned a spectacular event for guests, including ono food catered by Camille’s on Wheels and handcrafted shave ice by Snow Factory Hawaii. Keiki enjoyed water slides, kite flying, and all manner of outdoor fun! Zach’s party was festive with monkey-themed cake and decor. He was so fun to watch with first bites of cake! We managed to sneak in a few family photos with sister Kylee as well!IMG_3920IMG_3836IMG_3888 IMG_3895

IMG_4197IMG_3905IMG_3969 IMG_3987 IMG_3989IMG_4712IMG_4268IMG_4104 IMG_4107IMG_4275 IMG_4290 IMG_4313 IMG_4386 IMG_4409 IMG_4416 IMG_4425 IMG_4466 IMG_4475 IMG_4488 IMG_4493 IMG_4521 IMG_4535 IMG_4551 IMG_4580 IMG_4608 IMG_4623 IMG_4647


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