Meet Rosalee Byrd {Oahu birth photographer}

I was honored to photograph the birth of Phil and Jenna’s second daughter, Rosalee Byrd.  Jenna and I share a mutual love for the birth room, and I was excited to capture her birth journey with Rosalee. The labor and delivery were textbook. Phil was an incredible support to Jenna, as was their friend Tiffany. Everything was absolutely perfect for mom and babe up until about 5 -10 minutes post delivery. Rosie wasn’t breathing well on her own and needed to be whisked away to the nursery, and not long after, transported to another hospital. Sweet Rosalee was eventually diagnosed with Transient Tachypnea and discharged 48 hours after birth. As Rosie struggled to breathe in the incubator, mama Jenna hemorrhaged and needed medical attention herself. Both mom and baby are well and thriving now, but there were a few hours of trauma in the birth room. Many of these images are raw with emotion, moments captured that were hard and honest, but also beautiful. We are thanking God for the medical attention and care they received, as well as the best case scenario for mom and baby after being separated by hospitals for 48 hours.

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And a couple newborn photos… More coming soon!IMG_1787-1IMG_2043-1