Josh and KC {Oahu Wedding Photographer}

I can’t say enough about this wedding. About the beauty, the anticipation, the joy, the laughter. Josh and KC got married on Secret Island, where guests and bridal party are ferried out to an island from gorgeous Kualoa Ranch. The venue itself is an experience! Guests were treated to plenty liquid aloha, dancing, Agnes’ Bakery cupcakes, shave ice, and a super fun photo booth. Josh and KC are dear friends of mine – and it was such an honor to photograph their beautiful wedding day! Mahalo guys!

(also – Brian Cox was my second shooter and shot some incredible shots as well – thanks Brian!)

IMG_5538 IMG_5554 IMG_5613 IMG_5623 IMG_5696    IMG_5770 IMG_5791 IMG_5801 IMG_5842 IMG_5862 IMG_5866 IMG_5902 IMG_5913 IMG_5922 IMG_5941 IMG_5950 IMG_5958 IMG_5969 IMG_5999IMG_5725IMG_5745IMG_5756IMG_8905 IMG_6093 IMG_6108 IMG_6120 IMG_6148 IMG_6162 IMG_6196 IMG_6217 IMG_6254IMG_8932 IMG_6273 IMG_8942 IMG_8946IMG_6290 IMG_6304 IMG_6309 IMG_6332 IMG_6376 IMG_6403 IMG_6413 IMG_6424 IMG_6453 IMG_6469 IMG_6480 IMG_6484 IMG_6524IMG_9036  IMG_6569 IMG_9062 IMG_6599 IMG_6621 IMG_6645 IMG_6677 IMG_6687 IMG_6741 IMG_6803 IMG_6813 IMG_6833 IMG_6863IMG_9151 IMG_9162 IMG_6921 IMG_6988 IMG_6998 IMG_7033 IMG_7052 IMG_7059 IMG_7068IMG_9193 IMG_7084 IMG_7115IMG_9209 IMG_7156 IMG_7157 IMG_7159 IMG_7169 IMG_7175 IMG_7243 IMG_7263 IMG_7268 IMG_7272 IMG_7296 IMG_7319 IMG_7347 IMG_7365 IMG_7487 IMG_7511  IMG_7588 IMG_7602 IMG_7654 IMG_7671 IMG_7707 IMG_7757 IMG_7767 IMG_7805  IMG_8450





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