Kiyohiro Family {maternity}

I love these guys. Love them. Nicole and I go way back, to her teen years and my earliest days as a youth director, when we were neighbors and drove to hula together (ps – I made Nicole dance hula on the beach, because she’s the best hula dancer I’ve ever seen and she’s stunningly gorgeous). Now she’s a wife to Jake (who is perfect for her), and mama to soon to be 3 littles. Baby girl, you are joining a wonderful family and auntie can’t wait to meet you!!!

IMG_6558 IMG_6584 IMG_6585 IMG_6591 IMG_6615 IMG_6623 IMG_6647 IMG_6676 IMG_6710 IMG_6745 IMG_6760 IMG_6797 IMG_6807  IMG_6836 IMG_6849 IMG_6856 IMG_6871 IMG_6874 IMG_6929 IMG_6951 IMG_6984 IMG_6990 IMG_7008 IMG_7026 IMG_7030 IMG_7040 IMG_7044 IMG_7052


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