Denove Family @ UCLA

I met Heather and Chris at the Rosebowl my sophomore year of college. Heather and I became fast friends and were in each others weddings a few years later. When Heather mentioned she wanted to do a UCLA family session, I was immediately on board. Living in Hawaii made it difficult, however, and so I made a special trip to the mainland this fall – making sure to include this session! I had so much fun meeting Miss Sadie and seeing how Nash had grown since I last saw him! I love this family so much! IMG_6709 IMG_6716 IMG_6727 IMG_6740 IMG_6743 IMG_6778 IMG_6804 IMG_6812 IMG_6818 IMG_6837 IMG_6848 IMG_6855 IMG_6863 IMG_6909   IMG_6970 IMG_6982 IMG_6987 IMG_7000 IMG_7006 IMG_7010 IMG_7020 IMG_7067 IMG_7082 IMG_7101 IMG_7105 IMG_7107 IMG_7141 IMG_7150 IMG_7154 IMG_7166 IMG_7169 IMG_7185 IMG_7193


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