Julie and Penelope {mother/daughter + maternity}

A few months ago I took a trip back to my hometown for a few photo sessions and a much needed respit. I was so excited for the opportunity to photograph my cousin’s mama/daughter maternity session in the place we grew up. Bakersfield was covered in a thick haze the entire time I was there, which turned out to be pretty magical. We started in downtown Bakersfield, made our way to Hart Park, and then finished on the Bluffs. All places of our childhood. After my cousin posed like she’s been a model her entire life at nine months pregnant (ridiculous, I know), we grabbed giant burgers and feasted. There’s something pretty special about the streets of Bakersfield. Thank you Merle Haggard. 


IMG_7821 IMG_7827-2 IMG_7838-2 IMG_7877 IMG_7883 IMG_7917 IMG_7952IMG_7989 IMG_7994 IMG_8000 IMG_8022 IMG_8041 IMG_8101 IMG_8115 IMG_8105IMG_8144 IMG_8178 IMG_8218 IMG_8232 IMG_8240 IMG_8264     IMG_8260


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