Niemann Ohana {Oahu family photographer}

I met Sarah through a good friend’s wedding. I was the photographer, she was coordinator/decorator/everything awesome. When she asked if I would take family photos of her family at their favorite beach, in their element, I was beyond excited. We headed out to their regular spot just as the sun was coming out. Their family is so full of joy and love! Our session was dreamy – lots of lifestyle photos with a fun beachy/surf theme in golden light. Excited to work with Sarah in the future as we work on some more lifestyle/stylized sessions! IMG_6099IMG_6072IMG_6109 IMG_6133 IMG_6142 IMG_6147 IMG_6168 IMG_6177 IMG_6179 IMG_6189 IMG_6207 IMG_6219 IMG_6227 IMG_6230 IMG_6236 IMG_6239 IMG_6254 IMG_6269 IMG_6276 IMG_6283 IMG_6293 IMG_6298 IMG_6302 IMG_6305 IMG_6306 IMG_6313 IMG_6320 IMG_6335-2 IMG_6358-2 IMG_6365 IMG_6375 IMG_6378 IMG_6400 IMG_6425 IMG_6438 IMG_6440 IMG_6522 IMG_6551 IMG_6598-2


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