Chris + Jenn {engagement}

Jenn and I were Young Life leaders together in Oregon. She moved back to her hometown of Modesto to start a Young Life area and we moved to Hawaii. I was so excited to hear about her engagement to Chris and even MORE excited to hear that they would drive down to Bakersfield when I was there in the fall (yes this is a good 5 months late). Because we are both from the central valley, I took them to an almond orchard aaaaand it was magic. We finished off our session at a local high school baseball field because Chris and Jenn are huge Giants fan and wanted to snap an image for their Save the Date :). They are such a fun, happy couple with so much love!!!

ChrisandJenEngagement-2 ChrisandJenEngagement-4 ChrisandJenEngagement-12 ChrisandJenEngagement-17 ChrisandJenEngagement-21 ChrisandJenEngagement-22 ChrisandJenEngagement-30 ChrisandJenEngagement-33 ChrisandJenEngagement-38 ChrisandJenEngagement-45 ChrisandJenEngagement-49 ChrisandJenEngagement-53 ChrisandJenEngagement-61 ChrisandJenEngagement-64 ChrisandJenEngagement-70 ChrisandJenEngagement-76 ChrisandJenEngagement-80 ChrisandJenEngagement-86 ChrisandJenEngagement-90 ChrisandJenEngagement-92ChrisandJenEngagement-84 ChrisandJenEngagement-98 ChrisandJenEngagement-107 ChrisandJenEngagement-108


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