Meet Koa {Oahu birth photographer}

I love this family! I absolutely love meeting clients and documenting their stories as their family grows Lindsey and Jeff were an awesome team as they worked hard to achieve Lindsey’s goal of birthing without meds. She was so focused and strong throughout her labor, and Jeff’s face when Koa was born is priceless – I am so blessed to be a part of such beautiful stories.

Koabirth-5 Koabirth-7 Koabirth-13 Koabirth-28 Koabirth-29 Koabirth-32 Koabirth-35 Koabirth-38 Koabirth-40 Koabirth-52 Koabirth-53 Koabirth-65 Koabirth-68 Koabirth-71 Koabirth-75 Koabirth-91 Koabirth-104 Koabirth-115 Koabirth-125 Koabirth-127 Koabirth-137 Koabirth-140 Koabirth-153 Koabirth-156 Koabirth-161 Koabirth-163 Koabirth-168 Koabirth-178 Koabirth-191 Koabirth-199 Koabirth-221M


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