Bobby + Sarah {Oahu Engagement Photographer}

Bobby and Sarah were so much fun to hang out with for a couple hours on a Saturday morning. They are SOOOO in love and really all I needed to do was step back and watch them be themselves. The morning was full of sun, the sea was stormy, and Hawaii did its thing while these two snuggled in.bobbyandsarah-3 bobbyandsarah-8bobbyandsarah-10  bobbyandsarah-13bobbyandsarah-5bobbyandsarah-14 bobbyandsarah-20 bobbyandsarah-21 bobbyandsarah-25 bobbyandsarah-26 bobbyandsarah-30 bobbyandsarah-43bobbyandsarah-45 bobbyandsarah-55 bobbyandsarah-59 bobbyandsarah-65 bobbyandsarah-70 bobbyandsarah-76 bobbyandsarah-77 bobbyandsarah-78 bobbyandsarah-80 bobbyandsarah-82 bobbyandsarah-84 bobbyandsarah-88 bobbyandsarah-90 bobbyandsarah-93


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