Sam & Sarah {We Still Do}


Sam & Sarah had a beautiful beach wedding planned almost 11 years ago. As it turned out, the weather had other plans for the day and their beach wedding was moved indoors due to crazy rain. They decided then that they would have a vow renewal on a beach in Hawaii for their ten year anniversary. Fast forward ten and a half years and 5 months into a pregnancy later, and Sarah emailed me asking if I would photograph their special ceremony. I was already excited for their early morning breakfast picnic ceremony with family, but when I found out that Sarah is a stylist in Canada and had brought her own treasures for the morning, I was plain giddy. We set out for a sunrise vow renewal at Lanikai and I brought my friend KC along to second shoot, as well as a roll of film (I know – only one roll. Gah).

We had the most beautiful morning. Sam and Sarah were radiant with love and passion, and their new vows spoke wisdom and experience into their already wonderful marriage. I may or may not have sniffled my way through the ceremony. After the ceremony, Sam & Sarah & co. enjoyed a picnic prepared by the couple, and followed by some portraits that ended with Sam and Sarah in the water. Sarah’s dress was designed by her, made by a friend. Picket Fence Kailua provided the florals. Styling by Sarah herself.


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