Meet Luke {lifestyle newborn session}

Life with a toddler and a newborn is super busy but it is also incredibly sweet. There is no end to the love and joy {and a wee bit of crazy} that comes with introducing a new little one to the family. Part of the reason I love lifestyle newborn photography is for the opportunity to come inside the sacred space of a home and tell the story of love growing, extending to new little hands and toes and growing deeper for that big kid who is finding his way through the transition of knowing and loving a younger sibling. IMG_5498-2 IMG_5504 IMG_5515 IMG_5512 IMG_5525-2 IMG_5524-2 IMG_5522-2 IMG_5549 IMG_5784 IMG_5780 IMG_5775 IMG_5765 IMG_5746 IMG_5737IMG_5562 IMG_5722-2 IMG_5717-2 IMG_5715-2 IMG_5710 IMG_5705 IMG_5679-2 IMG_5676 IMG_5659 IMG_5658 IMG_5646 IMG_5644 IMG_5637 IMG_5636 IMG_5629  IMG_5602 IMG_5601-2  IMG_5586-2 IMG_5585 IMG_5568



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