Kiyohiro Ohana

I love this family and I loved this session! When you have three littles, family photo sessions can be pretty entertaining. Nicole and I talked before the session and really wanted to just capture their family, in their element. Jake and Nicole are both born and raised in Hawaii and have grown up on her beaches. It was super fun to capture some moments in pretty clothes (first several photos on film, for fun) and then let them play together like normal – swimsuits and all!

5825_16 5824_055824_015824_08 5824_07 5825_07 5825_05 5825_02 IMG_8969 IMG_8978 IMG_8986 IMG_8990 IMG_8997 IMG_9013 IMG_9018 IMG_9030 IMG_9036 IMG_9050 IMG_9060 IMG_9064 IMG_9071  IMG_9096 IMG_9112 IMG_9120 IMG_9134 IMG_9144 IMG_9176 IMG_9184 IMG_9185 IMG_9187 IMG_9208 IMG_9230 IMG_9236 IMG_9296 IMG_9330 IMG_9352 IMG_9370 IMG_9388 IMG_9403 IMG_9410 IMG_9444 IMG_9435


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