Joy Dravecky Jewelry {Oahu Fashion Photographer}


My husband’s cousin is a jewelry designer and I absolutely love collaborating with her! We chose two locations for this session, a sunrise next to sea cliffs and tide pools and the boat docks for sunset, hoping to achieve a few different looks for her pieces. Joy’s jewelry is so versatile and fun to wear for any occasion, and we wanted to showcase the uniqueness of her work as well as the versatility of her beautiful pieces. We had a blast during our session, and even “borrowed” a boat from a kind stranger!

Models: Jessica Jacobik, Kellie Kook; Oahu Makeup & Hair Artist: Salon Cookie Couture; Stylist: Megan Ochoa; Assistants: KC Lostetter, Jessica Palmer; Jewelry: Joy Dravecky Jewelry; Photography: Annie Groves Photography

IMG_0819  IMG_0845 IMG_0908 IMG_0920 IMG_0932 IMG_0971  IMG_1012 IMG_1027 IMG_1043 IMG_1053 IMG_1097 IMG_1139 IMG_1183 IMG_1221 IMG_1234 IMG_1236 IMG_1245 IMG_1251 IMG_1292 IMG_1333 IMG_1339 IMG_1344 IMG_1355 IMG_1371  IMG_1418 IMG_1421 IMG_1426 IMG_1437 IMG_1441 IMG_1465 IMG_1466 IMG_1499 IMG_1507  IMG_1530 IMG_1538 IMG_1560 IMG_1570 IMG_1630 IMG_1643


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