Jared and Stephanie {Nashville Wedding}

What a dream come true. When our friends Jared and Stephanie announced their engagement and upcoming wedding in Nashville, it seemed too good to be true to bring two photographers from Hawaii out to shoot their wedding. On October 8, my friend and ever talented associate shooter KC Lostetter and I boarded a plane – 33 and 13 weeks pregnant – for Nashville, Tennessee. We spent a day exploring (aka eating, singing, and shopping) our way through Nashville before shooting an incredible wedding for our friends at a killer venue. The Hermitage (also President Andrew Jackson’s residence) was a stunning location and we were blessed with a golden hour that seemed to last forever. I can’t wait to go back. Hot chicken and sweet tea are calling my name!!

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Annie Groves Photography | Photographer

KC Lostetter | Associate Photographer

Premier W.E.D. | Coordinator

The Hermitage | Venue

Fresh by CarryAnn | Florals

Super T | Band

Katie Thurman | Makeup

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