KC & Keelin On A Boat

Mamas have a reputation of rarely getting in the frame. One of the most beautiful relationships in the world is largely lived behind the lens. My good good friend and crazy talented photographer KC Lostetter asked me if I would do a mama/baby session because time is fleeting and those baby snuggles grow into running feet and thinning faces and a whole different kind of wonderful. I love photography and the importance of pausing during a season to capture the best parts of life. KC and I dreamed up their session: bright colors, swimsuits, and one of their favorite locations: the Kaneohe Sandbar, accompanied by bright floaties and her super wonderful husband Josh. The sun was bright, the film was loaded, and we had a marvelous few hours on the sandbar together. I’m so thankful for this family and the opportunity to capture their sweet journey.

Portra 160|Ektar100. The FIND Lab.

lobsterohana-4lobsterohana-9lobsterohana-14lobsterohana-8lobsterohana-26lobsterohana-11lobsterohana-32lobsterohana-36lobsterohana-34lobsterohana-21lobsterohana-23lobsterohana-24lobsterohana-38lobsterohana-43lobsterohana-39lobsterohana-3lobsterohana-17lobsterohana-46lobsterohana-29lobsterohana-52lobsterohana-50-2lobsterohana-56lobsterohana-59Interested in booking a session? Contact me here.


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