10 on 10 | January

I’ve started a new personal project. 10 photos on the 10th of each month. Not quite a Day In The Life, still intentionally documenting our life. My hope is to hone in on my story telling skills as well as taking the time to be present with my lens at least once a month. I’m trying to document one photo per hour, but some of that got tangled up in this first one. I’ve decided to use whatever medium is necessary to capture the shot. Initially I planned to shoot exclusively film, but my living room is just too dark and film gets tricky for me in low light situations if I want color. I also kind of like that this is a hybrid project. Missing from this day? Date night. My mama was in town so we got to soak up her presence with some of our favorite adventures as well as taking advantage of her babysitting graces. Aloha!

Digi on Canon 6D, Film is Portra 160 on Canon 1V, The FIND Lab.



{It wasn’t Claire’s birthday, but she’s anticipating her March birthday}.


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