Springer Ohana

No shortage of love, beauty, and affection here. A year and some change I ago I got these two in front of my camera for some maternity photos. It was magic then, but add baby Levi into the mix and well, as the saying goes, love grows. 775760200004-2775760180006-2775760230004-2775760230002-2775760180015-2775760230014-2775760230015-2775760230010-2775760190008-2775760150002-2775760150013-2775760150005-2775760160008-2775760160006-2775760240010-2775760240004-277578EMgro811001-R1-013-2775760240005-2775760160016-2775760220009-277578EMgro811001-R1-010-2

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