Pennington Ohana

Isn’t their joy palpable?! And don’t you want to just kiss those cheeks!!! Aaaah this family loves SO WELL.

Pennington Ohana 9-17-1Pennington Ohana 9-17-2Pennington Ohana 9-17-3Pennington Ohana 9-17-13Pennington Ohana 9-17-4Pennington Ohana 9-17-5Pennington Ohana 9-17-7Pennington Ohana 9-17-9Pennington Ohana 9-17-10Pennington Ohana 9-17-38Pennington Ohana 9-17-35Pennington Ohana 9-17-33Pennington Ohana 9-17-50Pennington Ohana 9-17-58Pennington Ohana 9-17-55Pennington Ohana 9-17-51Pennington Ohana 9-17-12Pennington Ohana 9-17-65Pennington Ohana 9-17-62Pennington Ohana 9-17-11Pennington Ohana 9-17-74Pennington Ohana 9-17-75Pennington Ohana 9-17-73

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