Aagaard Ohana

I was super excited when Mindy emailed me, saying she was a fellow photographer and loved film. They were enjoying a family vacation together while Mindy also shot a wedding (I love doing this too – traveling for a wedding or shoot and bringing the fam along. It’s really the best!). I wanted them to see one of my favorite beaches to shoot at, so we decided on Makapu’u in the afternoon. I’m in love with their family. They love each other, love to laugh, and we genuinely had a great time together!!! Wanna get your family in front of my lens? Drop me a line!!

Film nerds: This is mostly Portra 800 and a little Ektar. Always, The FIND Lab.Aagaard-Ohana-1Aagaard-Ohana-2Aagaard-Ohana-28Aagaard-Ohana-35Aagaard-Ohana-40Aagaard-Ohana-4Aagaard-Ohana-5Aagaard-Ohana-64Aagaard-Ohana-59Aagaard-Ohana-55Aagaard-Ohana-53Aagaard-Ohana-3Aagaard-Ohana-6Aagaard-Ohana-16Aagaard-Ohana-7Aagaard-Ohana-10Aagaard-Ohana-8Aagaard-Ohana-9Aagaard-Ohana-12Aagaard-Ohana-11Aagaard-Ohana-13Aagaard-Ohana-14Aagaard-Ohana-17Aagaard-Ohana-48Aagaard-Ohana-21Aagaard-Ohana-32Aagaard-Ohana-33

I’d love for your family to be next! Email me today!